Taking the long view
on renewable energy.

Who we are

Ecolegacy Values is a force for good that embraces long-term vision and actions to benefit the environment and people.

The Benefits of Ecolegacy Values

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Provides less expensive clean power to community members

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Reduces carbon emissions

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Improves air, water, and soil quality

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Reduces dependency on foreign sources of power

A photo of Loren Pruskowski, founder of Ecolegacy Values

Founded by Loren Pruskowski

For over two decades, Loren has worked with a variety of stakeholders — lenders, equity providers, energy offices, colleges & universities, municipalities, community groups and others — to proliferate renewable energy deployment.

Loren founded and managed Sustainable Energy Developments — a leader in providing onsite wind & solar projects to energy users, generating enough power for 10,000’s of homes.